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Our story

This is a bottle containing a wonderful, 6 000 years old history – LA STORIA. It tells us about a very special fruit. It tells us about the precious oil extracted from this fruit and its almost magical qualities.

LA STORIA’s home is the small village of Baredi. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves Baredi spends its time day dreaming above the ancient fishing port of Izola.  This is where the sharp north wind Bora finds the ideal place to embrace the olive trees and to give its very own distinctive character to the growing fruit. Once they are ripe, humans start to intervene in this ancient, almost unchanged process: The whole family comes together to hand-harvest the olives with an enormous effort and then the “padrone” himself operates the olive press to process them immediately – from tree to table the very same day! These are the ingredients which make this olive oil so unique: the perfect nature of the region, the responsible hand of the farmer and of course the particular aroma of the indigenous Istrian Bianchera-Belica olive – slighty bitter and slighty spicy at the same time.

Olive oil: it’s not just one of the purest and most original food products but also one of the healthiest.  It reduces blood cholesterol levels and it exerts a number of beneficial effects on the skin and body. And naturally, it’s an indispensable ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine – as much in the amazing creations of five-star chefs as in simple everyday dishes.

And now, please enjoy every single drop of LA STORIA!

Your Jadran Furlanic