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General Business Terms and Conditions

The General Business Terms and Conditions of the La Storia online shop (hereinafter: “the Shop”) are prepared:

  1. In accordance with the Act on Consumer Protection (ZVPot) and its supplements
  2. In line with the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS)
  3. In accordance with international e-commerce codes

The online shop is managed by the company NAME AND SURNAME, COMPANY NAME, COMPANY ADDRESS, which is also the provider of e-commerce (hereinafter “the Provider”).
The General Business Terms and Conditions determine the operation of the Shop, the rights of the user (hereinafter “the Purchaser”) and the Provider, as well as the business relationship between the Provider and the Purchaser.
Upon registration with the system of the La Storia shop, the Purchaser obtains a User Name and Password for logging in to the Shop, which connect the user with all tasks done by it at the Shop simultaneously in a unique manner.
The Shop is intended for all natural and legal persons. The selection and ordering are carried out in the range of products available in the list of products. Products not included in the range of products can also be ordered under the conditions referred to at the Shop. All products from the range are available until the stocks are exhausted. The prices for the goods ordered are valid on the day of placing the order implemented at the Shop for the products in stock. When the Provider confirms the order to the Purchaser (the Purchaser receives an e-mail on order confirmation to the e-mail address referred to upon registration), the Purchase Contract between the Provider and the Purchaser is considered concluded, and all conditions applying to the Provider, as well as the Purchaser, enter into force.

Price of products

All prices published at the Shop are referred to in the Euro currency (€) including a 22% or 9.5% Value Added Tax (hereinafter “VAT”). The prices are valid until their cancellation or modification at the Shop, and until the stocks are exhausted, and are valid only for purchases at the online shop.

Payment method and conditions

The Shop enables the following payment conditions:

  1. By cash upon receipt at the company’s premises or at a location referred to at the Shop – online price excluding the price of delivery
  2. By cash upon receipt at the address specified in the order – online price and the price of delivery

Return of goods and withdrawal from the contract

The Purchaser ordering products at the La Storia online shop  (www.lastoria.si) who would like to withdraw from the Purchase Contract for whatever reason or is not satisfied with the products ordered, may, within 14 days upon receiving the product, inform our company in writing or to the company’s e-mail address, of his/her withdrawal from the Contract without having to specify any reasons for the decision.
The Purchaser shall return the product ordered at his/her own expense within 30 days upon sending this notification, along with a copy of the Invoice received, considering the following conditions:

  1. The product shall be unused and unchanged.
  2. The product’s packaging shall not be damaged.
  3. The amount of the product in the packaging shall equal the weight referred to on the packaging (unchanged).

In the event of any justified reasons referred to above, the value of the product shall be refunded to the Purchaser within 30 days.


The Provider shall be obliged to deliver the goods within the agreed time, except in cases when the delivery is interrupted by the deliverer.
The Provider reserves the right to select and change the deliverer for a more efficient and cheaper implementation of the delivery to the Purchaser. The current deliverer is Pošta Slovenije. The postage price amounts to €3.84 with the cost of the cash on delivery amounting to €1.45.

Personal data protection

The Provider shall be obliged to protect all personal data of the Purchaser or the person entering their address at the Shop for any reason, and use it only for the purpose of implementing the order, sending information material, offers, pro forma invoices and Invoices, as well as for any communication with the persons referred to above.
The Purchaser alone shall be responsible for the protection of his/her user name and password, as they can be used by unauthorised persons to obtain personal data. In the event that the user name and password are stolen or submitted to other persons, the Provider shall no longer be responsible for any submission of your personal data to third parties.
By purchasing at the La Storia online shop or by registering with the online shop with its e-mail address, the Purchaser gives his/her consent to the receipt of the information material. The Purchaser’s personal data shall in no case be handed over or submitted to unauthorised persons.


The Provider shall contact the user only by means of remote communication.
The user shall have the possibility to cancel these contacts.

Information material contains:

  1. The explained method for unsubscribing from information material, which the Provider shall respect
  2. Clearly marked advertisements
  3. Sender’s visibility
  4. Special offer and promotional, as well as marketing techniques, shall be marked clearly.

The user may send critiques, suggestions and ideas to the Provider, which shall be respectful and in line with the codes of proper conduct.

Relief of responsibility

The Provider shall be bound to do its best to guarantee the accuracy and precision of the data published at the Shop. In the event that the provider is not previously informed about any changes of the product’s characteristics, the delivery period or the price due to the too rapid changes on the market, it shall be obliged to inform the Purchaser about the changes and enable him/her  to withdraw from the order or have the product ordered replaced.
The Provider shall not be liable for the content of the opinions written by the visitors to the Shop.
The Provider shall be obliged to review the opinions prior to their publication, and reject those containing misleading or offensive statements and those containing obvious inaccuracies. The Provider shall also not be liable for the information contained in the opinions, and shall be relieved from any responsibility deriving from the opinions.

Complaints and disputes

The Provider shall, within five working days, confirm receipt of the complaint to the Purchaser, inform the Purchaser on how long it will take to deal with it, and keep him/her informed about the course of the procedure. The Provider shall also inform the Purchaser on the procedure of dealing with the complaint and on the person (their e-mail and telephone number) conducting the complaint procedure.
The Court in Ljubljana shall be competent to settle any legal disputes.

Since we are also people, we wish to settle any disputes consensually, undertaking to do our best.